■Head office

JRE Midosuji Daiwa Bldg. 6-8,Kyutaromachi 3-chome,Chuo-ku,Osaka,541-0056,Japan
PHONE:+81-6-7635-3290 FAX:+81-6-7635-3291

▼How to access
5 minute walk from exit 10, 11, or 12 of the south ticket gate at Honmachi Station on the Midosuji Subway Line.



■Masuda mill

3-1 Suko-cho,Masuda City,
Shimane Prefecture,698-0036,Japan
PHONE:+81-856-31-0550 FAX:+81-856-22-8930

▼How to access

<By train: from Osaka>
Shin-Osaka→Shin-Yamaguchi (Shinkansen)
Shin-Yamaguchi→Masuda (The Super Oki)


<By Air: from Tokyo only>
Haneda Airport→Hagi-Iwami Airport→airport limousine
(Only two flights by ANA, morning and evening)
This service is only available from Osaka Itami Airport during the
long summer vacations (August 3 – August 20 * 2019 results).


<By car: from Osaka>
Ikeda IC on Chugoku Expressway→ Chiyoda JCT on Chugoku Expressway→ Hamada IC on Hamada Expressway→ Iwami Misumi IC on Sanin Expressway (Hamada-Misumi Road) → Route 9
To get to the Masuda Mill, turn at the Sogo Fukushi Center intersection on Route 9, and you can see the main entrance.
Please note that the intersection at Nakayoshida Kita on Route 191 is a loading dock for trucks and other vehicles.



■Shikoku Sales Office

2-20 Mishimachuo 4-chome , Shikokuchuo-shi , Ehime,
799-0405 , Japan



Related Companies(Domestic)

Daiwabo Spintec CO.,LTD.

75-2, Sasabu,Shinjicho, Matsue-shi,Shimane,699-0406,Japan
PHONE:+81-852-66-0221 FAX:+81-852-66-0224