Human-friendly material

Caring for effects on human health


USDA Certified Biobased Product

Based on USDA BioPreferred Program, the certification is granted to the products derived from renewable resources such as agricultural, marine and forestry materials.




Cleared tests for harmful substances

The results of analyses for determining heavy metal content prove that the product does not contain heavy metals subject to regulation that may have adverse effects on the human body.

Cadmium(Cd), lead(Pb), hexad chrome(CrVI) were not detected.

(Examined according to the RoHS Directive by SGS)




Safety confirmed in the food sector

Several tests and analyses were conducted to verify that the product is safe enough to be used in the food sector as a food contact material.

Compliance with CFR of the FDA, LFGB, Regulation(EC) and BfR Recommendation was confirmed. (Examined by ISEGA)





Earth-friendly material

Biodegradable in seawater as well as in soil



Data of marine aerobic biodegradation test


Test Laboratory: OWS (An expert laboratory for biodegradability testing in Belgium)
Standard followed: ASTM D6691 Test Sample: e:CORONA (powder)
Test Environment: Temperature maintained at 30℃±2℃
Test Method: Test sample is put into seawater and O2 consumption and CO2 production by microorganism are measured.
Biodegradation percentage is determined by CO2 production. (O2 consumption is used as a validity index)
Test Duration: 28 days
Pass/Fail Criteria: The percentage of biodegradation of a test material is at least 90% in total or 90% of the maximum degradation of a reference item (cellulose) within 6 months.







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