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What is Rayon

Characteristics of viscose rayon

Viscose rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber made by a viscose method using wood pulp as the main raw material. It is highly biodegradable and contributes greatly to the realization of environmental load reduction and the construction of a recycling-oriented society. It also has excellent moisture and water absorbency, and its smooth surface structure provides a comfortable feel on the skin. It is used as a material for a wide range of hygiene and personal care products as well as inner wear.

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Comfortable texture
for sensitive skin

Viscose rayon is a “regenerated cellulose fiber” produced from botanical wood pulp.



Environmental initiatives  

We are committed to preserving the global environment, which is 

essential for a healthy and cultured life, through “people-friendly 

and earth-friendly” corporate activities.


We are committed to providing safe and reliable products that earn
 the trust of our customers.
In recent years, global environmental issues such as marine plastics have become
 a global concern, and we will continue to promote our business activities to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We will contribute to the society through the research and development of viscose rayon to realize a “sustainable” society.


Through its business activities, Daiwabo Rayon will implement the 

following items out of the 17 SDG goals: “safe and secure manufacturing,” “environmental friendliness,” “efficient production,” “measures to prevent global warming,” “proactive energy-saving activities,” and “development of products and technologies that reflect environmental and social issues,” in order to achieve sustainable development for society and our company.


 Priority items of the SDGs







Products Policy 

Since our products come into direct contact with the skin, we place importance on “safety and security” of our products.



Under the theme of “safe and secure manufacturing,” we conduct corporate activities based on our quality policy of “providing products that satisfy customers and earn their trust.”


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Masuda mill

back in 1946

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