Eco Repellas is a viscose rayon fiber with its surface processed with water-repellent agents, while maintaining the characteristics of viscose rayon itself.

It has a pH controlling property and deodorizing effect as well as water repellency.





POINT1 Water Repellency

Nonwoven fabrics using this product show a good water repellency. 


Test method: Put a drop of deionized water onto a sample from straight above at a distance of 1cm with a burette and measure the contact angle in 10 seconds.
Test sample: Spunlace nonwoven fabric of 30g/m2 weight






POINT2  pH Controlling Property

It maintains our skin soft and gentle by controlling pH value on nonwoven fabrics

for the value to be weakly acidic.

Test method: Drop 0.1ml of test solution (pH4~9) onto a 0.01g of test sample and measure pH value of the sample.
Test sample: Spunlace nonwoven fabric of 30g/m2 weight




POINT3 Deodorizing Effect

It has a good deodorizing effect against ammonia gas.


Test method: Detector tube method compliant with the certification standards of SEK mark textile products
Test Laboratory: KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation
Test gas: Ammmonia
Test sample: 100% viscose rayon






Performance may vary depending on rayon blending ratio, weight, etc.
For commercialization, please check each product.





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