Antiviral function added to existing PARAMOS

by our original technology

plus Antiviral function



Features of the fiber
(Safe and secure function and texture)

・Antiviral and antibacterial deodorizing functions                               

・Excellent moisturizing properties keep the texture moist even in dry seasons 

・Soft and supple in texture                                                                         







PARAMOS PLUS can be used for a variety of purposes.





Antiviral function






Antibacterial function




● The antiviral treatment is not intended to treat or prevent diseases.                                         

● The antiviral test was performed using the virus strain: ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) by leaving it for two hours at 25°C. 

● The antiviral treatment does not inhibit the action of the virus.                                             

● Please make sure that products do not come into direct contact with the lips or nostrils.                     

● It should not be used on products for infants under 24 months of age.                                                     





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