Notice of Acquisition of ISEGA Certification

Notice of Acquisition of ISEGA Certification


DAIWABO RAYON CO., LTD., having its registered office in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan, represented by Kazunari Fukushima, President(hereafter referred to as “our company”) is pleased to announce that ourviscose rayon fiber “CORONA” (hereafter referred to as “our products”) has recently acquired the international certification calledISEGA certification.


ISEGA certification proves that the products used in food sector are safe when they come intocontact with food. ISEGA, a German independent testing and certification institute conducting analysesand certificationsof food contact articles, conducts several tests and analyses that are compliant with food legislation or standards. They grant a certificate to the approved products to verify its safety.


Although our manufacturing of viscose rayon fiber focuses on the use for garments and industrial materials, our products are also used for filters for foodsand packaging materials. As demand for safety especially in food sector grows, achieving the certification clarifiesthat our products are compliant with several legislation and standards related to food, hence,it allows customers to trust and use our products for food sector.


We believe that demonstration of our products having high safetyas food contact articleenables customers tofeel safe to use our viscose rayon fiber widely (please contact our sales representative for the product details).



Our company will continue to commit to developing and selling products with high safety.




Contact: Masaru Kouki, Sales Department